Privacy and Educational Technology

BCcampus supports the use of educational technology within the confines of FIPPA.

During various stakeholder meetings BCcampus has been asked to provide direction in the development of common tools and processes for informing faculty and users of the requirements to be compliant with FIPPA, while enabling the adoption of the optimal educational technology for the learning activity.  We see a need for education of users (faculty, students and administration) around awareness and integration with the overall policy at each institution.

The first stop at any institution should be with the privacy officer or CIO, depending on the institution’s resources and infrastructure.  We know that those individuals involved in teaching and learning at post-secondary institutions are going to implement educational technology that might put student personal information at risk.  We want to help ensure that these individuals are making informed decisions.  We want to help ensure that users (students) are making informed decisions when agreeing to the use of technology that requires their personal information. We want individuals and institutions to use the technology that is the best fit for the learning activity.  We will work with the various stakeholders in BC’s public post-secondary institutions, government and other agencies to continue to advocate for the informed use of educational technology.

If you wish to be involved in developing common privacy forms, tools and processes for use by teaching and learning individuals please visit the BC Post-Secondary Education Privacy and Security Group.